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Little Wolf Nature Preserve Has Just Gotten Bigger!

Posted by Timm

The Little Wolf Nature Preserve has just acquired new land adjacent to the preserve, bringing the total to 180 acres.  Click on the panorama below to see a full size picture:

Little Wolf new land - Click to see full size

Thanks to Lela Mae and David McKnight for selling their land to Little Wolf Nature Preserve.  They have helped preserve more of these beautiful Kentucky mountains for future generations of wildlife and people to enjoy.  Special thanks to Glen and Geraldine Rountree for helping to facilitate the sale.


Theresa on the new land

The new land is essentially a long, steep, forested sunny hill.

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Bridge Washed out by Flood

Posted by Timm

The bridge at the east entrance to Little Wolf Nature Preserve was destroyed by flash flooding of Little Wolf Creek:

This was a good news/bad news situation.  The bad news is now we have to build another bridge.  The good news is this bridge didn’t collapse while we were crossing it!  The bridge was getting pretty rickety before the flood.  We wouldn’t even let visitors drive over it, though we still used it ourselves.

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    Little Wolf Nature Preserve is a private preserve located in the Daniel Boone National Forest in Southern Kentucky, USA.

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