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Big Bull Frog

Posted by Timm

American Bullfrog

While taking out the trash, I spotted this huge American Bullfrog along the bank of Little Wolf Creek.  These are the largest frogs in North America, growing 4-8” long.  I measured this frog to be 5-1/2” long.

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New Wildflower Patch

Posted by Timm

Theresa watering our new wildflower garden

We planted a 70-foot long wildflower patch just outside our kitchen window.  Thanks to our neighbor Glen for lending us his rototiller.  That sure made a tough job much easier!


Brilliant Green of Kentucky Spring

Posted by Timm

Theresa and the dogs on the pond dam

Kentucky in spring is a sight to behold.  Even in a drought year like this year, the foliage in Kentucky explodes with an almost-fluorescent green hue in spring.  In this photo, Theresa is walking along the pond dam after having just finished chainsawing some trees.


Our First Vegetable Garden

Posted by Timm

Theresa digging the garden while the chickens eat the grubs

We dug up a little patch to make our first vegetable garden at Little Wolf.  Everyone got in on the action: I dug the garden and mixed in some compost, Timm used his weight to break up the sod, the dogs helped dig some holes, and the chickens ate up the grubs.

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Boat Launch on Jimmy Pond

Posted by Theresa

Theresa with Mickey and Toly

Timm and I launched the boat we got from my father. Our pond is named Jimmy Pond in honor of my dad, who loved to fish there. It was fun, tooling around with the dogs in the boat, looking at frogs, salamanders and fish, not to mention the beaver lodge and their engineering marvel, the dam.


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