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Pumpkins from our Garden

Posted by Timm

Pumpkins from our garden

Here are some fresh pumpkins from our vegetable garden.  And there are a few more pumpkins still growing on the vine.  We’re going to carve lots of scary Jack o’ Lanterns this year!


Farm Fresh Veggies and Eggs

Posted by Timm

Egg, cherry tomatoes and snap peas

The snap peas and cherry tomatoes from our garden are delicious!


Our Best Vegetable Garden Ever

Posted by Timm

Our vegetable garden

This is our first vegetable garden at Little Wolf, and so far it is turning out to be our best vegetable garden ever!  It’s growing like crazy, so much that we had to expand the fence to accommodate the sprawling pumpkins.  Our not-so-secret ingredient: composted chicken poo.  So far we’ve enjoyed lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, and snap peas.  We’re still waiting on corn, onions, pumpkins, and squash.


Our First Vegetable Garden

Posted by Timm

Theresa digging the garden while the chickens eat the grubs

We dug up a little patch to make our first vegetable garden at Little Wolf.  Everyone got in on the action: I dug the garden and mixed in some compost, Timm used his weight to break up the sod, the dogs helped dig some holes, and the chickens ate up the grubs.

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