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Is It Spring Yet?

Posted by Timm

The daffodils are wondering when spring is coming

This has been the coldest spring in memory.  We’ve been running 10-20 degrees below normal most days since we arrived at Little Wolf in January.  We typically start hearing the spring peepers in late February, and so far we’ve only heard them a few warm nights in late March.  And this morning we awoke to 2” of fresh snow.

That’s the great thing about living out in the country: we are much more in tune with nature and the weather.

The downside of a cold spring is that we’ll probably jump right into summer!


Ice Cliffs

Posted by Timm

We hiked up to the cliffs below Little Wolf Peak in early March.  Though it was nearly 60 degrees outside, there were still a couple inches of snow on the ground and massive ice formations on the cliffs.

We encountered some of the largest icicles we’ve ever seen.  Many were over 10 feet long and too thick to wrap your hand around, and a couple icicles grew to as much as 20 feet long.

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Little Wolf Snow Panorama

Posted by Timm

Here is a panorama of the Bees Meadow, Wolf Mountain and Moses Mountain covered in 6-10” snow at the Little Wolf Nature Preserve.  Click the image to view the full-size panorama.

Click to view panorama


    Little Wolf Nature Preserve is a private preserve located in the Daniel Boone National Forest in Southern Kentucky, USA.

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