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Surreal Sunset

Posted by Timm

Surreal sunset

I’m not sure what weather forces colluded to generate this amazing, surreal sunset.  Notice the higher cloud level that almost looks like a fabric weave.


Storms at Sunset

Posted by Timm

Sunset lights up a dying storm over the mountain

The daily late-afternoon thunderstorms are providing some spectacular sunsets.

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Mountain Sunset

Posted by Timm

Green Kentucky foliage

The sun sets behind the mountain at Little Wolf about 40 minutes before it sets on the horizon.  Notice the almost-fluorescent green of the foliage.  This intense burst of nature every May and June is one of the things we love most about Kentucky.  This is the view of the Butterfly Meadow outside my office.

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    Little Wolf Nature Preserve is a private preserve located in the Daniel Boone National Forest in Southern Kentucky, USA.

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