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Colorful Oaks

Posted by Timm

Colorful oak trees

Oak trees are typically one of the last trees to change color and lose its leaves in the fall.  Here the oak trees are striking burnt orange and burgundy colors.


I Love Every Season, But Especially Fall

Posted by Timm


Red tree

Autumn transforms the world into a living kaleidoscope.

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Fall Colors Emerge from the Fog

Posted by Timm

Fall foliage

The fall colors emerge as the fog begins to lift after three days of rain.

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Foggy Color

Posted by Timm

Buddy still energetic after a long hike

We have received 7” rain in 2 days, with over 10” this week, and more on the way.  The resulting fog has stolen our mountaintops!  Here is our dog Buddy, still energetic after a long hike.

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Brilliant Green of Kentucky Spring

Posted by Timm

Theresa and the dogs on the pond dam

Kentucky in spring is a sight to behold.  Even in a drought year like this year, the foliage in Kentucky explodes with an almost-fluorescent green hue in spring.  In this photo, Theresa is walking along the pond dam after having just finished chainsawing some trees.


Sunlight in Hazel’s Cathedral

Posted by Timm

Hazel's Cathedral

One of our favorite places in Little Wolf Nature Preserve is Hazel’s Cathedral, named after my mother, Hazel.  This cathedral built by God sits in a hanging valley on Little Wolf Mountain.  The horseshoe-shaped mountain rises sharply on both sides, covered with towering trees that filter the sunlight.  The valley is tucked so deeply in the mountain that the only sound we hear are crickets, frogs and wind.


Zadee Magic Carpet Trail

Posted by Timm

Trail Type: Maintained trail
Distance: 0.07 miles
Elevation Change: 65 feet
Difficulty: Difficult
Starting Point: Bogway, 1370′
Ending Point: Bees Meadow Loop, 1305′
Named for: Madeline

Zadee Magic Carpet Trail is a delightful walk through the Enchanted Forest on a cushion of pine needles.

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