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Rattle of a Dead Rattlesnake

Posted by Timm

Unfortunately I had to kill a rattlesnake yesterday.  This video shows the snake’s body amazingly moving still 15 minutes after it lost its head.  In the video I pick up the rattle and give it a good shake to produce the rattlesnake’s trademark warning sound.

The chickens were quite interested in the dead snake, but seemingly oblivious to the live snake when it was stalking them.  The chickens oddly spun and shook their heads as they cautiously circled the dead snake.


Flash Flood in Little Wolf Nature Preserve

Posted by Timm

Water over the dam

Instead of celebrating this Independence Day with fireworks, we were captivated by the power of a flash flood.

“The pond is overflowing!” Theresa yelled when she looked outside during a heavy rainstorm.  Water was rushing over the pond dam and down its side.  Of course, this was not a good thing because the dam could weaken and potentially collapse.  Our mobile home would not be in direct line of a breach, but we were still concerned because we didn’t want to lose our pond. 

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Tadpoles Galore

Posted by Timm

Thousands of tadpoles

A ditch just outside my office is teeming with tadpoles.  Literally thousands of tadpoles line the 100-foot long ditch.

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Theresa Practices Killing Zombies

Posted by Timm

Check out this video of Theresa testing her new Mossberg 20-gauge pump-action shotgun.  Theresa practiced killing zombies for when the bio-engineered plague infects humankind in the 2012 Apocalypse.  😉

She’s a crack shot and went 5-for-5.  We decided to kill our old water heater here at Little Wolf… that’ll teach it not to work!


Fawn Over Me

Posted by Timm

8We had the pleasant surprise of finding the cutest small fawn in the field below Jimmy Pond.


Actually, it was our dog Darby who found the fawn.  Darby was barking in the brush with that “Come check it out, I’ve got something trapped” bark.  When we arrived, Darby was nose-to-nose with the fawn, which was about the same size as Darby but still quite clumsy on its feet.


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