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Dozer Work to Clear Roads and Meadows

Posted by Timm

Dozer clearing Rocky Road

We had some dozer work done on our roads and meadows at Little Wolf Nature Preserve.  This is Rocky Road, which is lined with colorful maples.



Rocky Road Overlook

The dozer opened up a wide overlook on Rocky Road.  You can see we are past peak foliage here, and many trees have already lost their leaves.



Dozer clearing The Quiet Spot

We had completely lost access to this meadow called The Quiet Spot.  This meadow sits about halfway up the mountain and gets lots of morning sun, but it’s behind the cool shade of the mountain in the afternoon.



Mike Weaver chainsawing a tall sweetgum tree

Tree has fallen

Sweetgum trees are especially difficult to remove with a dozer because of their deep roots.  And large sweetgum trees are nearly impossible to remove with a dozer of this size.  Hence, a chainsaw is required.



Clearing The Bees Meadow

We hired our friends Mike and Tom Weaver of Weaver Logging to do the heavy lifting.  The Weavers did an excellent job: safe, efficient, and good quality.  Here Mike is clearing brush from a giant meadow called The Bees.



Bees Meadow cleared

The Bees Meadow got its name because the previous owners stored their Beekeeping Hives here.  Also, one day while we were standing in an open lookout tower that used to be at the top of this meadow, we heard a rapidly approaching noise that sounded like a pack of ATVs coming over the hill.  Turns out it was a giant swarm of bees that passed right over our heads!  The swarm was so large that it literally took 30 seconds to pass over us (we timed it with a watch).  There had to have been tens of thousands of bees, most likely switching hives.  It was one of the most amazing natural experiences we’ve ever had.



Clearing the Sunset Strip

This is an old road called Bogway because it gets quite muddy from rain running off the mountain.  We had them clear a long, thin field that we call “Sunset Strip” because it faces west and is a great place to watch the sun dip behind the mountain.



Dozer clearing The Hollow

This is The Hollow, one of the most beautiful meadows in the preserve (who am I kidding? all the meadows are beautiful!)  The previous land owners had planned to build their house here.  Even though it’s very peaceful in The Hollow, it only gets 3-4 hours of sunlight per day, so we definitely won’t put our house here.



Dozer cutting Power Road

We built a road along the power line path.  Of course we named it, “Power Road.”



Darby blocks the dozer from cutting down a tree

Last great act of defiance: our dog Darby protests the cutting down of this tree.  “I like this tree!” says Darby.

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