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Moving a Mobile Home

Posted by Theresa

In 2009, we bought some land that bordered our existing land at Little Wolf.  This new piece of land included a mobile home.  The mobile home was a 1992 24×48′ Peachtree double-wide, with 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths.  It was a really nice mobile home when the original owner bought it.  But then he rented it to some people who abused it and left it in terrible shape.   Here are a few pictures of how the renters lived and the condition in which they left the mobile home.

The outside of a very abused mobile home.


How could anyone live like this?


Dinner anyone?


We didn’t want the mobile home, so we decided to sell it.  We used word of mouth, telling our neighbors it was for sale.  In this tight-knit community, this is the best way to get rid of something or find something.  One of our great neighbors mentioned to a friend that we had a mobile home for sale.  We worked with that person and came to a deal that worked for him and for us.   Given the condition it was in and the cost to move a mobile home, we were pleased we got a little money for it, which was better than giving it away for free.

Moving a mobile home is quite the operation.  The buyer paid $6,000 to move this double wide mobile home.


Half the double wide ready to be moved.  Shadow stupervises.

First, all the junk had to be cleaned out of the mobile home and hauled away.  Then, the workmen dis-assembled the 2 halves of the double-wide mobile home.  This picture shows the second half, as they already hauled the first half away.  They also loaded all the cinder blocks into a flat bed truck.  The cinder blocks are used as supports under the mobile home when positioned on the home site.


The bull dozer will pull the mobile home down the hill.

A bull dozer is one versatile machine!  (Yes, I have serious dozer envy!)  The movers used the dozer to pull the mobile home down the dirt driveway on a very steep and narrow hill.  The advantage of using a dozer is it has maximum maneuverability.  It can go off the dirt road, swinging wide over the sides of the hill, allowing it to better maneuver the mobile home.


Special piece of equipment called a platypus for moving a mobile home

This machine is called a platypus.  It’s a specialized piece of equipment used for jacking up the back end of the mobile home and swinging it around tight corners.


The workman positions the platypus under the mobile home to pivot the back end around a curve.

Here, the workman is positioning the platypus under the back end of the mobile home so he can swing the back end around to make a tight curve down the dirt driveway.


In this video, you can see how slowly the workmen move the mobile home down the driveway.  It took them all day to move the 2 halves of the mobile home.


Who needs a ladder when you have this guy on your work team?

Rather than walk up a long hill to get a ladder, this workman simply scaled the side.  Monkey boy!  He then rode on top of the mobile home like a surfer as the dozer slowly pulled the mobile home down the hill.  This man does all the roof work, cutting tree limbs that hit the roof and sides.


Good riddance!

Here’s the mobile home making its final decent down the last part of the hill.  Glad to see it gone and happy someone found a good use for it.

  1. Laurie Said,

    Its a good feeling, cleaning out and reusing. I little extra cash sure makes it sweeter!


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