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Only One Bird Survived

Posted by Timm

Last surviving phoebe in its nest

There‚Äôs a nest of phoebes on the light above our barn door.  There were four chicks in the nest.  Theresa found one chick dead on the ground.  Later she found another chick alive on the ground.  When she returned it to the nest, Theresa discovered another one of the chicks in the nest was dead, so she removed it.  Later, Theresa found the chick that fell had also died.  This left remaining just one chick, who in the photo above appears quite healthy.  This chick flew away the following day to join the world.

Phoebes are insect-eating birds in the flycatcher family.  They are easy to recognize from their mud nests on human structures and the way they bob their tails while perched.

  1. Laurie Said,

    Oh, that is sad! I was trimming some bushes and disrupted a cardinal nest with three eggs. I quit trimming and readjusted the nest and put twine around the branches for support and happily a couple of days later the babies hatched and as far as I know all have flown the coup.
    I was cat sitting my daughters cats for a couple of weeks and her male loves going outside. He has feral instincts since he was abandoned as a kitten so we have to watch him outside. He was out when I hear a mockingbird going crazy so I ran outside and “Misfit” was laying next to a baby, just watching the baby. He wasn’t playing with it, just laying there watching it almost protectively. I scooped him up with the mom bird buzzing me and got him in the house, and baby just hopped into the bushes. I didn’t let Misfit back out for a couple of days un-escorted. Thank God he didn’t attack the baby.

  2. Laura Said,

    When I saw title I thought “oh no, not the baby chicks!” So glad it wasn’t the little ones! That’s too bad about the Phoebes! I think we may have them here, because I’ve seen mud nests in some of the trees.

    Laurie, you are lucky, normally I have a ton of cardinals in May/June and this year I did not see one. It may have been because the weather here in FL has been so crazy. Been in the 90’s off & on since April and it may have screwed up their migration.

    That is so sweet about the cat. My cat Gracie sits on the porch talking to the birds all day. Had 2 nests of Mourning Doves this year.


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