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Rattle of a Dead Rattlesnake

Posted by Timm

Unfortunately I had to kill a rattlesnake yesterday.  This video shows the snake’s body amazingly moving still 15 minutes after it lost its head.  In the video I pick up the rattle and give it a good shake to produce the rattlesnake’s trademark warning sound.

The chickens were quite interested in the dead snake, but seemingly oblivious to the live snake when it was stalking them.  The chickens oddly spun and shook their heads as they cautiously circled the dead snake.

  1. Laurie Said,

    Oh My!

  2. Laura Said,

    Oh no! Saw a program on them and they don’t die very fast because of their nervous system. Hope you kept the rattle, according to some Indian Lore they are supposed to be good luck.

    I didn’t realize we have BiG rattlesnakes here in Tampabay and they are on the endangered list. Bay News 9 did a program about the turtles, snakes, lizzards, etc… from this area that are endangered. Busch Gardens brought all of them to the show and they were so beautiful! They had a turtle that they figured was 60 yrs. old! They now have a section in the park dedicated to FL Endangered Species.


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