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Rattlesnake Stalking Chickens

Posted by Timm

Rattlesnake stalking the chickens

I walked around the side of the barn to feed our chickens some blackberries, when I spotted a big rattlesnake stalking the chickens.


WARNING!  The following photos may be disturbing to some people.  Viewer discretion is advised.






Head of a rattlesnake

We’ve already relocated a few poisonous snakes this year, moving them higher up the mountain on our property.  But this time I needed to act fast for the safety of the chickens, and had to kill the rattler.



Beautiful snake

He/she was a beautiful snake, at least 4-feet long and thicker than my forearm.



Snake from the side, showing underbelly

His underbelly was smooth as glass.  The snake’s body kept moving for more than 15 minutes after his head was gone.  It was a unique experience for us to touch and hold this snake, and feel the power of what’s normally a very dangerous animal.



Dark snake tail

The snake’s tail was quite dark compared to the rest of his body.  It’s interesting how the rattle attaches to the end of his tail.



Rattler's rattle

I shook the rattle and produced that scary sound which normally means, “Back off, move along, nothing to see here…”



Timm holding a dead rattlesnake

I’m never happy to take the life of any creature, but it’s part of living in the national forest, where the dangers are real. 

Rest in peace, rattlesnake.

  1. Laura Said,

    Beautiful snake, but gotta protect Little Shadow 🙂


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