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Tractor Stuck in the Mud

Posted by Timm

Timm standing by the tractor he got stuck in the mud

Unfortunately I got the Kubota tractor stuck today.  The ground was quite soft from weeks of drenching rain.  I was coming around a tight corner and slid into a new muddy ditch, which immediately swallowed my left-side wheels, front and back.  We tried pulling it out with our 4WD SUV, but the ground was too soft to get any traction by the SUV either.  If it stops raining, then I’ll likely just drive the tractor out in a couple days, as this Kubota can climb out of much worse if it has traction.  If the rain persists, however, we’ll need help from our friend who is storing a big skidder on our property.  We could also try a come-along.




X marks the spot where our tractor is stuck on our mountain

Part of the road I was bushhogging travels along exposed cliff with about a 100-foot drop.  I cautiously navigated the exposed parts, and fortunately I had just edged away from the cliff when I got stuck.  So there’s no chance of the tractor plunging off the cliff, phew! 

Here’s a winter-time photo that shows the cliff and can give you an idea how high up the mountain our tractor is stuck (see the red X).  For perspective, notice the road in the bottom-right edge of the photo.  Click on the photo for a larger version.

Such are the adventures of farm life!

  1. Laurie Said,

    Unstuck yet?

  2. Laura Said,

    Just glad you and the tractor are okay!


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